Why Nusa Dua is much better than Kuta for a family holiday (1/2)

​Hi..I started this blog years ago just for a formality during univ and only for academic purpose. Now I guess I will use this blog to share my random ideas about some places I already visited in Indonesia and Japan (ugh…I hope I don’t lose some pictures before I post it).

First of all, I need to admit that I have a short term memory lost..hahaha..so I better write based on the recent event and followed by the previous one (before I forget, hahaha)This December our family decided to go to Bali as our first family outing. We stayed 3 days in Nusa Dua and 4 days in Kuta. Both are nice but if you want to bring your parents and you love beach, Nusa Dua is a better choice because 

1. Clean beach and less people 

BTDC beach area, Nusa Dua

We can spend hours enjoying sunbathing and viewing the scenery in Nusa Dua.

Meanwhile in Kuta..uh..we only spent 20 minutes here for sunset. Afternoon scenery is full of trash and too crowded. My parents got stressed here.